Admin Columns Pro WooCommerce

Version: 3.3.1


Enhance your product and order overviews with new columns, and edit products directly from the overview page. WooCommerce integration Add-on for Admin Columns Pro.

Save time managing your products and orders

Save time managing your Products

Managing a webshop is all about control. We offer you a kick-ass add-on for WooCommerce that adds additional columns to your products overview. Not only does this give you instant insight in your product information, you can edit it directly from the overview. Talk about being in control.

Directly edit products

Update your product content with inline edit. Don’t waste time opening the product, editing and saving the information you want to update. To set a new price for you product, update its stock or fill out its dimensions, simply edit the information in the product overview.

Save time managing your Orders

You want your webshop and your orders to always be up to date. That’s why we added columns to display additional order information, like:

  • Order Discount
  • Order Status
  • Total amount
  • Products

Customize the Product page

With the WooCommerce add-on, there’s no need to open a product to view or edit the product details, like price or stock items. We added many columns to display additional product information, like:

  • backorders allowed
  • dimension
  • price
  • review
  • sku
  • stock status
  • weight

Sort Products & Orders

Whether you have a 100 products or 100.000, sorting them can make managing your webshop a lot easier. With one click, you’ll know which product is almost out of stock for example. We have added sorting for almost all WooCommerce columns.

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